Rob Krar: Endurance Athlete

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Rob Krar, Endurance Athlete | Coach

In my own training I have prescribed to a flexible approach that I believe has allowed me to achieve goals I once thought impossible. While I have general training goals for particular blocks including key workouts to complete and mileage targets, I believe fluidity and flexibility in training is key. How does this translate into coaching? I like to create overarching goals for a race training block based on your feedback and allow the training week to week to be a fluid dialog between the two of us. This means that you won’t see a calendar of training laid out months ahead of time. I enjoy getting to know my athletes on a personal level and understand the role running plays in your life. This guides my approach and allows me to tailor the plan to your individual needs and goals. For me running is an important part of my life, but not my whole life. Running is many things for me – a place to think, contemplate and problem solve, or, to escape the concrete jungle and noise of society and not think at all. It’s all about balance, although I’ve evolved from saying “finding balance” to “always striving to find the best balance”.

A focus on quality over quantity – meaning that I believe you can be very successful in ultra running events with lower mileage than you might imagine. I follow this in my own training, and I believe it reduces the risk of long term injury and increases the likelihood running will be a positive and life-long relationship for you. I strongly believe in strength and conditioning training and some sort of home or gym routine will be a part of my recommendations. I also value down-time, cross training, and off-seasons. Personally I enjoy switching to skis in the winter time and the mountain bike in the shoulder season to keep active but give my legs and mind a break from the running routine. I believe it is important to incorporate compatible interests and activities into the training cycle to maximize longevity and enjoyment. It’s fun to incorporate non-running races into the mix, that’s how I found myself on the Canadian Ski Mountaineering team, and how I ended up biking the Leadville 100 race as well.

I believe I have a unique perspective on how best to couple running and life. I worked a unique and demanding job for 14 years as an overnight pharmacist and that helped solidify for me the importance of rest and respecting what is going on outside your “running life” and how it impacts your training. Taking these thing into account, we will plan and adjust accordingly to arrive on the start line feeling healthy, rested and prepared.

"Coaching has been a hugely rewarding experience for me and something I hold close to my heart. I work with a limited roster of athletes to allow for individualized attention – it is not a cut and paste training program! Below find information to help you understand my approach and style to help decide if I can help you achieve your goals."




  • An approach to training and racing born from over 30 years of personal experience as an endurance athlete
  • Training knowledge ranging from middle distance on the track to 100 mile trail races and everything between. I also draw on my experience as a triathlete, mountain bike rider and ski mountaineer.
  • A detail oriented and responsive plan integrating your feedback throughout the process
  • A dynamic relationship based on effective and timely communication
  • Racing and crewing tips for many “bucket list” races around the globe
  • Recipes and tips to mix up your meals
  • Race day nutrition planning and advice


  • A certified coach
  • A certified athletic trainer
  • A certified nutritionist
  • A physical therapist
  • A mental health therapist


$375 per month billed automatically via credit card.


While I believe long term relationships are the most fruitful for both of us, there are no long term commitments and you can cancel anytime.


Training plans will be fluid and adjusted based on weekly feedback. Expect to see a tentative plan laid out a couple weeks in advance, but know it will be tweaked and dialed in on a rolling basis.
I ask for a weekly recap or summary of the previous week’s training and from there I will adjust the next week of training as needed. Click here for an example of weekly feedback.


We will use Training Peaks as the primary platform for our communication, from long term to short term planning, daily workouts, data recording and post run. Training Peaks highlights include:

  • Free for you.
  • Automatic sync with Garmin Connect and Strava and other GPS devices and software.
  • Intuitive app available for both iOS and Android.
  • Automatic alerts and/or emails when coach or athlete comments.


I prefer to not put strict limits on communication. Undoubtedly the first few months include frequent communication as we settle into our routine and rhythm. In addition to Training Peaks, phone/Zoom
and email will be common, as well as text messages for quick and easy comments or questions. It is ALWAYS my goal to respond within 24 hours.


Unfortunately I’m not accepting new clients at this time. If you’d like to be considered when a spot becomes available please complete the questionnaire below and I’ll reach out to you in the future.