Attending the RKUC greatly improved my confidence, and my knowledge, about longer distance running. One example – I learned that I was not hydrating and consuming energy gels often enough. Keeping myself powered up correctly gave me more strength and endurance - I could really feel the difference. I expected to be super tired by the end of the camp. Instead, after 3 glorious days of running, I somehow felt stronger and more energized.  Thanks and a shout out to your sponsors for all the awesome goodies. Shoes, socks, hats, shirt, water bottle, granola, energy gels, etc – I love them all. It felt like Christmas every day!  As a former Event Coordinator, I appreciate the time and effort it took to organize this camp. So professional and well organized! Your guides and assistants rocked! Thanks for everything.”

Amanda – Loveland, Colorado

I initially booked Rob Krar's Winter Camp in 2024 as a birthday gift for my ultra-running wife. At that time I had never run more than a half-marathon on trails. I knew my wife would love an ultra camp but I incorrectly assumed I wasn't advanced enough to participate in this type of camp. After emailing Rob I realized his camp flexes well for different skill levels and decided to also sign up. I'm glad I did as we met incredible people from the Flagstaff running community, ran on beautiful trails in northern AZ, and ate at tremendous restaurants. Engaging with the coaches and fellow campers also helped give me the confidence to register for my first 20 mile trail run which I completed in April 2024, 2 months after Rob's camp. I'm now looking at longer races for the Fall, and plan to attend another camp next year.

Ryan – Bend, OR

Attending the Rob Krar Ultra Camp (RKUC) was something I knew I wanted to do. My fear, however, was that I wasn’t qualified. I was just a mediocre road runner and ultra trail runner wannabe. I fully expected the camp to be geared to elite runners, well beyond my abilities. Boy was I wrong. From the second I met Rob and the other campers, I knew I’d made the right decision. Put quite simply, I felt at home and among family. You will feel better about yourself when you finish the RKUC. The time you spend on the trails with some of the most amazing and experienced trail guides in the business, the time you spend in small groups sharing stories about your successes and failures (and sometimes even crying), and the time you spend one-on-one with Rob and his amazingly awesome wife and runner, Christina, will change you. That may sound cliché, but it couldn’t be more true. Find out for yourself. Take that next step. Become the runner and person you want to be. Sign up for the RKUC!

Joe – Warrensburg, MO

I've been a huge fan of Rob's for years, and being a runner it was natural that I'd want to attend his camp. My only regret was that I waited so long to sign up, but I did, finally. I was so excited to sign up, and meet and run with this talented man. Walking into the kickoff meeting I was nervous, I mean, what do I say to a legend in our sport. I said what I felt, that it was a pleasure meeting Rob, and he instantly puts your nerves to rest with his smile and demeanor. Rob was everything I hoped, friendly, down to earth, and very humbled. The rest of the camp was a dream. We ran in magnificent places, each with its own personality and postcard flavor of beauty. I was never disappointed. Our guides were Rob's closest friends, and that was really special too. The whole camp truly revolved being brought into Rob's world. Going to his home for dinners, meeting and running with Christina (Rob's wife), and hearing about his personal triumphs and challenges were more than I ever expected. I ended up leaving the camp felt like I had known Rob and these great folks, including the other campers, for years! It was that special. If you are thinking about signing up, do it ! Don't wait years like I did, since you are only putting off this priceless event that much longer.

Bob Alexander – Melbourne, FL

I went into camp a woman with very little trail running experience filled with anxiety at the thought of running alongside a world class athlete who had vast trail running experience. Not to mention that I thought I was going to be one of the only women at the camp. The anxiety quickly dissipated when Rob described the plan for the camp (running, eating, talking, fun) and then introduced the special guests who would be joining us along the way. Not only were they amazing, elite female runners, but they both made me feel so comfortable that it felt like I was running with old friends. In my opinion, and this may sound odd for a running camp, but the runs were just a small and amazing part of the adventure. The runs were much less stressful than I had thought when I signed up for “Ultra” camp. When I saw “Ultra” in the description, I thought we would be running very long distances all day long, but I was wrong. The runs were manageable distances for all experience levels.  All the guides were so fantastic and supportive during each run. They would run with you when you wanted to run and were just as happy to walk next to you every step of the way if you preferred, all the while sharing their knowledge about running and the local community. There was no judgement and no pressure by anyone at any point. The experience was yours to make of it what you wanted, and the guides were there to support you and ensure that you had a fantastic time. Experiencing this adventure with other campers who shared a similar passion for running and getting to know them on a personal level during our runs, meals and downtime has left a lasting impression on me.  Now when I hear “Ultra”, it will remind me of the over the top experience I had at the Rob Krar Ultra Camp.

Ida-Lina – Gaithersburg, MD

I arrived at the RKUC 2017 summer camp a bit nervous, not quite knowing what to expect as I've never been to a running camp before (I'm still a newbie when it comes to ultra running), but it didn't take long for me to realize that this camp is something special. Rob and Christina added a lot of personal touches to this camp which truly made it a memorable experience - everything from inviting us into their home for a lovely welcome and farewell dinner to making an effort to run and connect with each participant every day - The running locations were spectacular with different distances and difficulty options to meet each participant's ability and expectations, and the picnics at the end of every run were definitely one of the highlights each day - cold drinks and beer, a delicious spread and even impromptu guitar performances by some of the amazing volunteers and guides. Rob's generous sponsors also spoiled us with a truckload of awesome swag! All and all this the camp was a five star experience. The camp group was also amazing, I made a whole bunch of new friends. I enjoyed the camp so much that I'm heading back for the fall camp in October to experience it all over again! – Summer 2017

Tia – Road Town, British Virgin Islands

An experience that not only strengthens you as a runner, but also shapes your confidence, self-awareness, and spiritual well-being as an individual. In a truly exceptional setting, with the wisdom and motivation of truly exceptional people, the powerful bonds and memories that were shared will carry forward beyond camp… A springboard for success, on and off the race course, supported by a close network of friends, inspired by happy trails, and happy thoughts. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 78mi)

Julia – Fort Washington, MD

RKUC was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. With a couple 50k's to my name and the itch to go deeper the camp was both educational and a healthy stretch for my training. Rob and Christina's thoughtful approach to life and running, along with the welcoming Flagstaff community behind them, made for a truly unforgettable week. – Summer 2017

Kyle – Salt Lake City, UT

RKUC allowed me the opportunity to meet and train with a dynamic group of endurance athletes and run on an incredible mix of challenging trails in Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. The experience of the camp guides and Rob's insight have helped prepare me for my upcoming ultras and road marathons. I highly recommend RKUC as an amazing training experience and trip for runners of all backgrounds and abilities. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 63mi)

John – Falls Church, VA

There is without a doubt an X factor to Rob's camp that you will only understand if you sign on and participate. No matter what level runner you are, you will be more than impressed with Rob and the caliber of resources he brings to bear for the week. The time both on and off the trails is jammed packed with incredibly useful information that will elevate your conditioning routine, nutritional plans and your overall mindset. And for all you women and men out there that are concerned this is for seasoned trail runners only, don't be. The way Rob and team structure the daily runs will put your mind to rest so you can fully enjoy and take in the amazing company and scenery that will surround you! This will undoubtedly be one the best experiences you ever have including: amazing company, amazing scenery, live music, scenic lunches, time with various experts, and that X factor. Huge thanks to Rob, Christina, and the rest of your amazing team that made our week so incredibly memorable. Camp did not end that week, thanks to you it was the start of some lifelong friendships as well! – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 43mi)

Laura – Scottsdale, AZ

The Rob Krar Ultra Camp was the absolute epitome of my ultra trail running experiences to date and, undoubtedly, will remain one of the most influential weeks of my life.  I found out about the RKUC through an online article that featured several other camps across the US and Europe.  Upon arrival at the RKUC, it became immediately clear I had chosen the perfect experience: two generously inviting and down-to-earth souls that are embodied in Rob and Christina, access to some of the most beautiful natural sights in the U.S., and the opportunity to be among an intimate circle of other like-minded men and women from all over the world with a similar passion for long distance trail running.  I arrived at the camp excited yet nervous, having come from my sea level home in Central PA and concerned about managing the mileage at altitude.  But I immediately felt nothing other than genuine encouragement from Rob and one of the other strong female runners, a guide named Claire, on the very first day.  From that point forward, I'm pretty sure I spent more time smiling and laughing with the 14 other amazing campers and picking my jaw up off the ground in awe of the scenery than I did worrying about the altitude!  Each day was an adventure and an opportunity to explore not only some stunning trails but to also discover more about myself as a woman, friend, and athlete.  The RKUC gave me a newfound confidence, physically and mentally, that has helped to catapult my ultrarunning goals beyond what I thought I could even dream of accomplishing before the camp.  I am humbled and forever grateful to Rob and Christina and all of the guides and volunteers for this experience.  Rob and Christina not only opened up their home and hearts to all of us, they opened up an entirely new and unforgettable world of enduring friendships and indescribably beautiful memories and laughs that will last a lifetime.  If you are a woman who wants to challenge yourself in one of the most supportive and encouraging ultrarunning communities out there, the RKUC is definitely for you. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 71mi)

Kelly – Lewisburg, PA

I can’t recommend this experience enough.  The RKUC exceeded all of my expectations and was the best training camp I have ever been to!  Exceptional organization, excellent food, fantastic people and of course, unforgettable trails.  Christina and Rob have the program dialed.  Mix in some seminars, trip to Paragon Athletics, a microbrewery…  just a great mix, never a dull moment.  Flagstaff, Sedona and the Grand Canyon are just draw jaw dropping locations to train.  But the dynamic that made this camp so different and compelling to me was not just the beautiful surroundings, but all of the great volunteers from the Flagstaff community that joined us for all our activities.  It was extra special to get a sense not only of place, but of the big-hearted community in Flagstaff.  I know that I have made lifelong friends in both campers and RKUC volunteers. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 70mi)

Sam – Stow, MA

This camp was amazing! Running has become a hobby with increasing importance in my life, and the opportunity to attend a running-focused camp seemed like a great way to take my running to the next level, learn from experts, and share my love for running with people with at least a love of running in common. A lot of factors contributed to my choice of this particular camp - positive accolades for Rob Krar, the location at altitude, and the value of the camp… and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  The camp events are extremely well coordinated, the people involved (staff and campers) were amazing individuals, and I left the camp not only a stronger and smarter runner, but with sincere connections to new friends. I felt supported on days I needed to take it easy as well as on days I wanted some extra mileage.  This camp is good for the soul and is a welcoming experience for all speeds and intensities of runners. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 51mi)

Lindsay – Phoenix, AZ

Family. That was the sense I got after meeting Rob and Christina for first time. I felt like I was part of their running family. And when I say “meet”, this wasn't felt from shaking their hands and speaking with them, it was felt solely through the emails they send to the campers before camp. After reading only a few paragraphs of those emails, I knew I had signed up for the right camp. During the camp, I was impressed by every aspect; the food and meals were delicious and there was always enough, the trails we ran everyday were challenging enough but also provided great views and perfect spots for camp lunch at the end of the run, the after-run talks were all very informative and presented in a comfortable atmosphere, the hotel was in a great spot close to anything you may need, very clean and had a nice pool to soak in on a few days, and lastly, the people this camp attracts turned out to be the best part! Within minutes I was laughing with numerous campers and honestly felt like I knew them for years. All of the run guides, volunteers, and friends of Rob and Christina who help with this camp were ALL extremely nice, and great to run and eat with too. If you are on the fence about signing up for this camp, please know there is absolutely NO WAY you could be disappointed with your choice to attend. What you will get out of the camp far exceeds the dollar amount that you’ll pay. Truly. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 65mi)

Michael – Naperville, IL

The week spent at the RKUC was about much more than just running. Right from the start of camp you get a sense of the level of passion and commitment that Rob, Christina and the rest of the crew have for trail running, the community of Flagstaff, and friends and family. The locations that were selected for us to run in were absolutely stunning (from the Aspens to Sedona and the Grand Canyon). The post run festivities were always a blast.  People sharing stories, good food, music ,and lots of laughs. The evenings were just as amazing. We were treated to some of the hottest restaurants in Flagstaff. Honestly, there were times when I forgot I was even at a run camp. It felt more like I was hanging out with a bunch of friends. The camp has shown me how to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life (like friends, family, nature, and running). The experiences and friends I have made from this camp have truly changed me. I will certainly be heading back. – Summer 2017 (Mileage over 5 days of RKUC running: 61mi)  

Clay – Ottawa, Canada

Rob's camp transported me from a mom of three young daughters to an athlete training with the professional and elite.  The experience was unheralded and Rob and his team meticulously covered every aspect of camp with  challenging and breathtaking runs, great food, and a team of guides that inspired me to run harder and to be a better person in a life.  Maybe it was because it was the weekend of the Grammy awards, but Flagstaff and Rob Krar really rolled out the red carpet for us!  Thank you! - Winter 2017

Patty – Bellevue, WA

If you enjoy trail running then attending the Rob Krar Ultra Camp should be #1 on your bucket list. From Rob and Christina’s warmth,  hospitality and friendship, to running world class scenic trails with Rob, Christina and their friends, to amazing post run picnics, to inspirational afternoon guest speakers and ending with wonderful dinner get togethers, there is not a minute of each and every day that you won’t enjoy. I cannot think of any running experience I have had over the last decade that comes close to the pure enjoyment and inspiration that I found at this year's RKUC. Thank you Rob, Christina, Mike, Sara, AJW, Shannon and all your friends for all you did for me and those that attended this year's RKUC.

Steve – Buckhorn, Ontario

I signed up to do the RKUC for very selfish reasons. I just started to trail run more seriously 7 months before arriving the the camp and wanted to improve on my running and ask Rob every question I could about his experience with running. Little did I know what I really signed up for. I walked out of this camp a better person and gaining a new family of friends. Flagstaff is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and getting to see everything that I did was remarkable. Rob and his crew did a fantastic job at planning every detail, and I mean EVERY detail. From the newsletters, the first day's meeting, to the food, to the trips and dinners, and being VERY accommodating to every ones needs with traveling and food restrictions. His sponsors were very gracious to us and supported our trip with the best swag. The crew and volunteers did a fantastic job at spreading themselves out amongst all the paces for running and shared their experiences in not only their running history but their life. This was an experience of a lifetime. It's more than a running camp. Did I learn more about running and did I get to run every day? Of course! Did I think I was going to walk away a better person? No, but I did. You’ll get to meet literally the coolest, most down to earth best runners who are excited to be sharing this week with you. Soak it all in.

Jessica – Roseville, CA

How does one adequately describe the Rob Krar camp? For me, this experience was life changing.  The last four and half years have been roller coaster of events for me.  Between both parents passing away and going through a divorce after 19 years I turned to running to cope.  Running saved my life but trail running put me on the right path. Every day was spectacular but climbing to 12000 feet was truly the highlight for me. The camp should also be titled a food camp.  The food was just phenomenal. Outside of the awesome couple of Rob and Christina,  the friends and family that support the camp is mind boggling.  Not only do you get to run with some of the best athletes in the world you also get to connect with some of the best people in the world.  The friendships I have made while attending this camp will last a lifetime.  So much I have plans with some of the campers to do a 6 day stage race called TransRockies. Of the many great speeches during the camp one of them that was given really moved me; "With patience persistence and faith one can accomplish many things....  even change the world. There are so many amazing things that I could say about this camp that it is difficult to condense them into a few sentences.  Rob has my contact information and  I would love to share my experience  with anyone if you have questions about the camp. I will never be able to repay the experience that I had at  the Rob Krar camp as it was beyond words. Just try to pay it forward.

Lanier – Birmingham, AL

I am very fortunate that my employer, The San Francisco Marathon, sent me to the Rob Krar Ultra Camp in the effort to continuing my education as a running coach for their training program. What I have learned and experienced at Rob’s camp has far surpassed any expectations I held previous. I expected to learn how to be a better runner, but came away with so much more.  Although I did come back a better runner, I didn’t expect to progress in such an intimate and inspiring environment, which Rob’s camp offered. While running with Rob Krar and Stephanie Howe-Violett, they answered my questions and shared their experiences and techniques. I took in what they said, processed it, and returned the next day with follow up questions. How cool is that? Stephanie also gave an amazing presentation about nutrition for endurance athletes, followed by a Q & A session. I cannot overstate the amazing runs that Rob and Mike planned. Not only were they beautiful and challenging, but Rob made sure that the all runners felt completely supported. There were guides from the Flagstaff running community that were immensely friendly and supportive. The schedule was precise, yet flexible so that we never felt rushed nor bored. Each of group runs accommodated all levels of runners at the camp; everyone was a part of the group. Thanks to the Rob Krar Ultra Camp, I have learned a lot about running, strength training, stretching, and nutrition to rely back to my trainees. Further, I returned with a lot of newfound love for trail running. Being at the Rob Krar Ultra Camp reminded me of why trail running is such a huge part of my life: the people we meet, and the places we go.

Erica – Hayward, CA

Attending Rob Krar Ultra Camp has been one of the best decisions I've made not only in regards to my running career but also my life in general. Everything was perfectly coordinated from the second I stepped foot off the plane in Flagstaff. The hotel was centrally located so taking a walk into town and visiting local coffee shops, restaurants, and stores was a breeze. It was an awesome way to get a taste of the Flagstaff community as a whole. Every person who helped with camp activities was absolutely spectacular. I met some of the nicest and most genuine people during my week stay at camp. The runs themselves were spectacular. The guides promised they would get better each day and they did not disappoint! We managed to do everything from hitting 12,000 ft peaks to running through a beautiful aspen forest. On top of having these mind blowing runs we also met runners like Chris Vargo, Stephanie Howe, Ian Torrence, and Andy Jones-Wilkins. I have absolutely every intention of returning to camp next year and hope to see the amazing friends I made this year for round two of Rob Krar Ulta Camp!

Kaitlyn – Brighton, MA

Sure, I’m inspired to improve and go longer, but more importantly, I’m driven to be healthier, have more balance, learn patience, appreciate what’s around me, and give back to this awesome community. Who would have thought a week at ‘running camp’ could have such a profound impact?

Taylor – Washington D.C.

The fall retreat exceeded every expectation I had. I arrived needing a good break from work and looking forward to chance to explore the Flagstaff area, spend time with like-minded folks, and learn from the best. Of course the trails and runs were spectacular, especially in the height of fall colors, but what I didn’t anticipate was the incredible warmth, generosity and graciousness of our hosts: Rob, Christina, and the guides that joined us each day of the camp. Everyone involved in the camp was invested in our experience, and their effort showed in the individual attention we received, the care and time they spent preparing fantastic meals, their flawless logistics and execution, the amazing support from the sponsors, and most importantly, in the relationships they helped to foster. Rob, Christina and their crew have created a very comfortable and supportive environment that enabled each of us to get what we needed from our time at the camp. I have recommended the retreat to every one of my running friends and would not hesitate to attend again. Great job!

Chad ‑ Richland, WA

What a magical experience! The surroundings were breathtaking. Each run had amazing guides to ensure runners followed the trails and were happy and safe along the way. Post-run picnics where you could savor the run, enjoy camaraderie amongst fellow campers and guides, and eat yummy food. Dinner and drinks every night at Flagstaff's best restaurants and at Robs home. We were well fed campers! The hotel was a great place to rest in between runs and events/dinners with full breakfast every morning. Plenty of time to connect with fellow campers! Couldn't have dreamt up a better trip and experience! Thank you so much to Rob and friends! Jamie ‑ Fort Mill, SC

Jamie ‑ Fort Mill, SC